March 26, 2011
Belong review - or, why to never buy an album

So I just had to buy the new Pains of Being Pure at heart album.  Cause the song “belong” was so good.  But the album Belong is not that great.  3/4 of it are boring songs that sound all crappy and like really bad songs.  The lyrics are ok sometimes, but often the music is all cheesy.  Pitchfork hasn’t done a review so I will give it a score…

So my formatting got a little screwed up there, but I give it a 4.8.  A 4 cause it has 4 good songs. 

These are the songs that are good:

'Belong' (this song is really good!)

'Heart in Your heart Break' (You probably already downloaded this one ages ago)

'Terrible Friend' (This is another song about drugs or something?)

'Heaven's Gonna Happen Now' (this song is really good!)

These are the songs that are memorably bad:

Even in dreams (Sounds like a bad modern weezer song, see below)

Girl of 1000 dreams (the drummer is singing on this one?)

The body (This one gets old real quick. why is this dude always whining?)

Hahah, this cd reminds me of this awful Weezer song.  The video is pretty good though…

March 22, 2011
Even more thoughts on the new Pains of being pure at heart song

So actually I realized that the new pains of being pure at heart song sounds like “Together” by Suede.  That and that Ride song.  Don’t believe me?  Fucking listen to it..  Or maybe I’m just senile. It’s probably senility.

Oh and seued sure were coopl back then. oh well! we all get old now and then.

March 21, 2011
More thoughts on the new Pains of being pure at heart song

Ok, I just realized that the new Pains of being pure at heart (Pains…) song “belong” is sort like “Vapor trails” by RIDE.   But Pains… made it a lot better.  They took the song and put big big alt rock 1990s alt rock guitars on it so that it’s great. It’s like how Pains… took the that old Cure song and made it much better and more 2000s listenable.  I think they should do another song and make it better.

Maybe “Mable” by Goldfinger.  They should call it “the girl from 1990.”  That sounds like a good Pains… song.

I’m out of ideas.

March 20, 2011
Good new songs

Puro Instinct - “Lost at sea”

I like this song cause it sounds like it’s from the 1980s.

Pains of being pure at heart - “Belong”

I like this song cause it sounds like the 1990s.  Oh it’s finally coming back!

January 27, 2011
blood orange is ok, but is lightspeed champion terribe?

So Lightspeed Champion had the most disappointing album in 2010.  Yeah it was fucking terrible.  And it was 2010, trust me. 

But I heard this Blood Orange song.  It’s alright by me!

Blood Orange == Sumpthin Blvd… MP3

January 15, 2011
Songs for a Foot Locker commercial — the best rap songs of 2010

In light of the current trend of white/indie webpages (pitchfork/gorrilla vs bear) saying rap music is good, I too will make a list with the best rap songs of 2010.

1.  DJ Felli Fel/36 Mafia/Lil Jon — “I wanna get drunk”

Who can’t relate to this one?  This one will help you get through your day at work.

2.  Hyperizers — “Don’t Criticize”

Haha, this one is possibly the best rap video ever. Ahh, if only I had tried harder to be a rapper in the 1990s, or perhaps the NBA.  Oh well.

3.  Camron — “I hate my job”

This song is really good because it is also about work.  It has many good lines in it, like “new clothes? no you’d rather see me naked.”  I don’t know what that means but I can relate to having to go to work in the morning.

Cam’ron - I Hate My Job / NEW
envoyé par PeteRock. - Clip, interview et concert.

4.  Tim Hardaway & Spike Lee — “I got skillz”

Haha, they use play this one during “Ducktails” when I was a kid.  It is an official classic.

5.  Mos Dub — “Ms vampire booty”

This also has many good lines like:

"I smashed it like an Idaho potato."

January 9, 2011
Songs for a Target commercial — 2010!!!

These are the best songs of 2010.  In other words, these a songs for a Target commercial — 2010!!!

1            Forever and Ever Amen            The Drums   

So was this in a VW commercial?  So I guess they have to win this year. They are on a major label.  But that’s ok, cause their album was so good.  I only have the patience for one album a year, thankfully there was a good one released this year, this one.  This song is about how they are going to have a good career.

2            Chinatown            Wild Nothing

This was a really good song.  It should be in a commercial for cars.  It’s the best “Chinatown” song in my Top 21 list.

3            Burn Bridges            DOM

I think they signed to a “major label” pretty quick.  So they should be on TV commercials soon then. But I like this song cause it’s about how friends are liars or something.  They are Wooster Mass where they have lots of bullies and unemployment problems.

4            All Around and Away We Go            Twin Sister

It should be in a commercial for food, like Uncle Ben’s with broccoli.  

5            Carolina            Girls

This song is about moving to Southern Carolina.  You can buy a house for $50000 there, or so I hear.  It’s quite an enticement.  This “EP” was very good and soothing.

6            Jesus            DOM

  I think they signed to a major label pretty quick.  So they should be on TV commercials soon then.  This song could be in a movie at the opening credits with teens having fun in a basement or angst maybe.

7            Still Sound            toro y moi

 This song was the biggest shocker of the year.  I couldn’t believe this guy finially wrote  a good song, after all those terrible songs.  Go Southern Carlonia!

8            Heartbreaker            Girls

 I really like this song.  Do you think they will be on a “major label”??? I don’t think so, cause these guys look pretty fucking old, and dudes that age are all down with 1990s indie values of not selling out to a “record label,” even if everything is completely different nowadays.  

9            Let’s Fall Asleep Together            Teen Daze

This song is really good in a soothing way, although maybe I had to listen to it twice before I realized it.  Maybe it shouldn’t be so high on the list cause I’m not sure it should be in a commercial.

10            Take Me Up            Shit Robot

This song should be in a commercial for something, but I’m not sure what.  Maybe a Nissan van?

11            Golden Haze             Wild Nothing

This song is really soothing,  I like this guy.  I wish I had listened to more of his songs. but I just didnt have the time.

12            The Future            The Drums

This song is also The Drums.  This one is also about how they are going to be sucessful.

13            Baptism            Crystal Castles

This maybe is the start of the dance music section.  This song was really good.  I thought it sounded too 90s until I realized that was cool.  I also liked the video.

14            Bombay            El Guincho

I didn’t like this song until I saw the video.  Then I realized it was really good.

15            come with me            ceo

This song is kind of stupid but then I like it.  It should have been in the movie “Inception.”

16            Me And The Moon            The Drums

This song is complaining about his girlfriend or something.  Haha, it’s a pretty funny song.

17            We Are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon            Let’s Wrestle

Haha, I need to have a British band, right?  It was either these guys or Wu-lyf, but this song is all fun and uplifting, like Wu-lyf, but even more so.

18            Weekend            Smith Westerns

This song was just nice.  Probably wasn’t better than anything on the Drums album, but whatever.  

19            Say No To Love            The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

This band should have been disqualified cause they say they refused to be in a commercial, and this song really isn’t that great, but I liked their album from 2009 a lot, so they get in on prestige alone.

20            Round  and  Round            Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

This song is good too, but kind of stupid.  I guess it should be in a commercial for AT&T landlines.  

21 Chinatown Destroyer

This song is also good, but in a more gimmicky way than the other Chinatown song, which is objectively good. 

2nd tier (in no particular order)…

Best Friend            The Drums

Let’s Go Surfing (The Raveonettes remix)            The Drums

Down By the Water            The Drums

Empathy            Crystal Castles

Lady Daydream            Twin Sister

Madame Van Damme            Lightspeed Champion

Marianne            Ceremony

Street Feelings            Las Robertas

Year’s Not Long            Male Bonding

Lost Saint            The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Heart In Your Heartbreak            The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice mix)            Deerhunter

let them            jj

Fools day            Blur

Marlene            Lightspeed Champion

Jaguar Warriors            Jaguar Love

Julius            Starfucker

Up All Night            Jaguar Love

Slivers Of You            Pearl Harbor

Under control            Good Shoes

December 21, 2010
Holy crap, toro y moi actually made a good song!!!

It’s a world miracle!!!  After all these years, TORO Y MOI finally wrote his first good song.  I could not believe it when it actually happened.  But oh my, this song is very good.  Oh and what the fuck is up with the new hypemachine format.  It is fucking retarded.


December 4, 2010
Boy Least Likely To - Christmas Isn’t Christmas

This new Christmas song is good.  I like it!  I think this band just writes songs in the hopes of getting it into a movie or tv commercial.  They have been very successful so far. I’d like to see this one in something, as long as that annoying little girl from Juno isn’t in it.  Or Christina Ricci.  She’s really annoying too.  Merry Christmas!!!

Boy Least Likely To - Christmas Isn’t Christmas

December 3, 2010
It’s Christmas times!!!

BLUR the wassailing song…

November 29, 2010
The Drums in a volkswagon commercial

That Drums song “let’s go surfing” is in these volkswagon commercial.  That’s ok, cos the Drums just want to make some dough and that’s ok cause their songs are good I guess.

November 10, 2010
WU LYF — Big in FRANCE????

So I noticed that ‘a lot’ of my visitors were from UK.  Manchester to be true.  Are they Wu lyf?  Well, so I need some new wu lyf material.  So it turns out that wu-lyf are big in france.  There is a fest in france called les inrockupibles magazine fest.  The organizer really, really likes wu-lyf.  Don’t believe me???  Read this below…

- Any regrets, groups that you could not have?

The Gorillaz we wanted a program with additional Zenith. But it was not possible for a question of dates. I also regret not having Wu-Lyf, collective Manchester fascinating and strikeout. As MNDR, an American who has slammed fingers.Typically, the trick will be huge, the likes of Lady Gaga.

Wow.  Can you believe such regrets! Apparently wu-lyf is some sort of collective. That is cool in France.  They put them on the cover of les inrocktables… who the fuck are these other bands on the cover though???  

There was this other sexy guy from wu lyf i took his picture at the les inrockables fest…

wu lyf live

November 7, 2010
Songs on hot chart are fucking bad.

A gimmick i saw on another blog was to review the songs on the hot chart.  I listened to the first two.  Man, were they fucking awful.  They were like catchy, but the songs were really fucking stupid.  

1  Generationals - Trust   —- This band is called the ‘generationals’. That is bad obviously.  I think they are stupid foreigners so they don’t know no better.  And that’s why the song is gay  

 2  Secret Knives - The Northwest States  —- Man, this song is kind of catchy cos it reminds me of if Modest mouse and bright eyes were combined.  So I guess it makes me nostalgic for TEN years ago.  10 years is a long time!!!  ANd what’s up with the idea of moving to the ‘northwest states’??? Seriously, is that idea from 10 years ago too?  Actually, this song would be cool if this band was like 35 years old and it was about how they moved to ‘the northwest states’ 10 years ago cos it was cool then, and now they are all fucking old and have shitty service sector jobs and they saw that some girl skank had the same tattoo as them on her lower back.  Like Kill Sadie.  Anyone remember them???

3   Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks  —- i originally thought this was deerhunter, and was going to say something about how was dating the guy who owns Pitchfork, but apparently these are another band.  I don’t know.  who fucking cares.  Just another fucking mp3.

 4   Twin Shadow - Yellow Balloon —- This song is ok.  It’s better than the rest of the crap this guy puts out.  This guy is so fucking mediocre. 

5   Bleeding Knees Club - Bad Guys —- this song is not as good as the that ‘bad kids’ song.  SHit, that was only like 3 years ago.  BKC, if you’re going to copy your favorite band, at least wait 10 years like the ‘northwest states’ did.

6  The Go! Team - T.O.R.N.A.D.O.  —- this just fucking retarded.  is that stupid british band that wears neon hats or something? or are they adding lady rappers to stupid brooklyn bands nowadays.

 7   The Malpractice - Boss stallion  —- sounds like NIN or something.  i don’t care.

8   Sacred Animals - Chosen Seed  —- it might be ok.  i just couldn’t listen to the whole thing.  it ain’t for me.  wasn’t there some radiohead song on ‘the bends’??? this song makes the radiohead song sound so much better to me now.  I realize now that ‘street spirit’ was a legit good song.  Man, I guess that why radiohead got famous. I am going to try and listen to more old Radiohead.  That shit was actually good.  But are these sacred animals lazy foreigners too? maybe they just got that radiohead cd in their country.  

9   Havah - The Competition Dies  —- i kind of like this one. i wont download it cos i dont want to hear it again, but it’s alright with me.    

10   Hamacas Al RÃ o - Sin decir  —- this is retarded too.  i thought that it would be good like that other song in Spanish, ‘El Guincho’ by Bombay.  That song’s alright.  this one though, it’s like something from that movie about Selenia.   

In conclusion, why the fuck is that crap so popular?  I guess have a blog about the crappy music you like is real easy nowadays thanks to tumbler. 

October 30, 2010
Cover of Twin Peaks Theme is very good

I like this song.  It reminds me of the original but is in a different way.  THere’s another cover of this song floating around by some other band, but it’s pretty sucky.  This one’s good though:

MP3: Girls Names — Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)

October 26, 2010
New GIRLS song “Heartbreaker” is so good

This new GIRLS song is very good.  Or at least I like it so much.  It takes me back to the very soothing 90s. I also like how lead singer wears a Suede shirt.  Maybe that’s why I think 90s.  I like the 90s.

Girls — “Heartbreaker”